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About Me

I’m Jessica, the Crazy Keto Chick!

I have been a chunky monkey my entire life. I lost quite a bit of weight my senior year of high school, mostly because of attending school full time, and working several jobs. I was not eating a lot, yet very busy, which led to weight loss. Then, life was life, and I gained most of it back. In 2006ish, I invested in a Nintendo Wii, and used it daily to loose weight once again. Once again though, I gained the weight back. I’ve tried the gimmicks; Herbalife, Omninutrition, Beach Body, Metagenics, etc, and they helped me loose a little, but then I was SO HUNGRY all of the time. My brother told me about keto, and the science behind it, and I decided to give it a try!

I started my Keto journey in 2018. After a family member took this picture of hubs and I (thank you Michelle!) , it smacked me in the face of how unhealthy I was. (I am by no means fat shaming – you do you boo!; however, I was NOT healthy.)

Lots of Jess to love! circa 2018

Since June 2018, I have lost 70+ lbs and feel amazing! I am starting to incorporate walking and yoga into my regiment, so that I can start to tone up certain areas. Keto is life now, and I will never look back! Thankfully for all of my friends, I’m very lazy – so most of my recipes are very simple and require few ingredients.

I am making this website because I get a lot of requests from friends on face book to “share the recipe”, or, “what do you eat normally”? I am hoping, with crazyketochick.com , to have one spot to share all of these answers and help more people feel better!

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