The Sea is for Cookie! Pattern Progress

That’s good enough for me!

The Sea is for Cookie! Pattern Progress

Pattern bought here from CrafterDark on Etsy.

This page is updated on Wednesdays. Last update: 12.02.2020

This entire section had to be frogged! I had to remove it all because I stitched too much. Don’t wine and stitch!
I bought an RV and am working on renovating it, so I had a few weeks off of the Cookie pattern. Instead I knocked out this amazing rainbow poop!

No update 11/18/2020 – Alas, I had a paper due! I did manage to get the ditch dug for the RV though! Woot!

12/2/2020 – The two sides are tentatively connected! Woot! Now to fill in all the space above with the tan. I really hope to be done with this color soon! In the mean time, I’ve started another project and made another pattern from a painting I fell in love with! I think I have a problem 🙂 .


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