What Nuts are Best for Keto?

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What nuts are best for keto? All of my prices are based at nutstop.com , so if you are purchasing based on price, you may find some great alternatives! If you do, please let me know! Additionally, if I’ve forgotten a nut type, please reach out 🙂

TL;DR: The best nuts for KETO are Brazil, Macadamia & Pecan. The best for KETO and price are Almonds.

Nut Type #Net CarbFatProteinPrice per #lb
Almond1 oz2.5 g14 g6 g$6.99
Brazil1 oz1.4 g19 g4.1 g$11.99
Cashew1 oz8.1 g12 g5 g$8.99
Chestnut1 oz8 g0.4 g0.6 g$14.99
Hazelnut ( Filberts)1 oz2 g17 g4.2 g$6.99
Macadamia1 oz1.5 g21 g2.2 g$18.19
Peanut1 oz2.2 g14 g7 g$8.99
Pecan1 oz1.2 g20.4 g2.6 g$11.99
Pine Nut1 oz2.7 g19 g3.9 g$18.99
Pistachio1 oz5.1 g13 g8 g $10.99
Walnut1 oz2 g18 g3.9 g$8.89

What Milk is best for KETO?

When it comes to milk – not all are equal for keto. There are varying levels of macros for each one. Check the chart below and evaluate for yourself!

The takeaway is: Nut milks are better for you. This is awesome news too – because most come in cartons and will last for a really long time, as opposed to other milks that spoil fast.

Image Source: Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash